What is an integrated arts class?

Artistic students often learn and focus better when creativity is integrated into daily studies. That’s why our weekly homeschool Fine Arts class teaches core concepts from math, science, and history by infusing them with both performing and visual arts.

Course Description: 2020-2021

Let’s Explore the Sea!

  • Through a focused study of two “under the sea” musicals, The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo, we’ll dive deep into the coral reef and the creatures that inhabit it.
  • Younger students will integrate their exploration of science, music, and movement, while older students will delve further into the underwater ecosystem and its importance to our planet at large.
  • Older students will also gain valuable experience in mentoring and leadership as they work closely with our younger kiddos!

Class Details

Location: Frisco studio
Ages: 7-18
Days: Thursdays (beginning 8/27/20)
Time: 1 pm – 2:30 pm

Tuition: $113.00/month*

*Families must enroll in our auto-pay system and abide by Acting Studio policies regarding tuition.

To enroll, simply log in to or create your Studio Director account with the Frisco studio, and select our Homeschool Fine Arts class option.