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What is our Homeschool Arts Academy?

The Acting Studio Homeschool Arts Academy offers homeschool classes that integrate performing and visual arts with math, science, language arts and history.

Learn to think like a producer (entrepreneur), prop master (science), set designer (engineer), costume designer (visual arts), playwright (language arts), composer (math), director (leadership), choreographer (creative expression), marketing director (creative design), as well as an actor (communications and human resources).

We offer a 2.5 day/week curriculum option, covering core subjects and cultural studies, or a 3 day/week option that also includes a Friday Afternoon Arts Block. Alternatively, you may enroll in the Friday Arts Afternoon block on its own if you wish.

Course Descriptions

Core subjects are explored through creative, fine and performing arts. Led by instructor Kim Daniels, a Montessori teacher with over 20 years of experience, each student will have an individualized curriculum presented with Montessori-inspired manipulatives based on their academic needs in spelling, expressive/written language, reading, grammar, mathematics, geometry, graphing, fractions and decimals.

The curriculum in these classes is structured to complement the curriculum in the Arts Afternoon block classes, but the Arts Afternoon block is not required.

Our cultural block integrates our passion for fine arts with a variety of academic topics.  Building on inspiration from popular plays and musicals, students will delve into a project-based study covering topics such as botany, history, health/nutrition, physics and many more.  Imagine learning about Geography (Africa) and Zoology thru the music and artistry of The Lion King! We complete two 9-week studies each semester.

The curriculum for the Friday Arts Afternoon is structured to complement the curriculum in the Cultures block. It may be taken in conjunction with the core and cultures classes, or on its own.


Fall Semester

Students will learn the basic fundamentals of musical theatre including acting, singing and dance/movement. We explore the history of theatre as well as acting exercises, improv skills, monologues, and scene work. Students will explore different styles of dance and movement, while incorporating physical education and fitness through fun games, activities, and exercises.

Spring Semester

Students work together to produce and perform their own production. In addition, the spring semester involves project-based learning as they design and create their own sets, costumes, props, lighting/sound, marketing materials and manage ticket sale—all while maintaining a production budget.

Tuition Packages & Scheduling

Days: T/Th/F (Frisco)
Time: 9am – 3:15pm


  • Includes Core and Cultures blocks, plus Friday Afternoon Arts
  • Monthly: $600.00*

*Families must enroll in our auto-pay system and abide by Acting Studio policies regarding tuition.

Days: T/Th/F (Frisco)
Time: Frisco: 9am – 3:15pm (T/Th), 9am – 12pm (F)


  • Includes Core and Cultures blocks (does not include Friday Afternoon Arts)
  • Monthly: $500.00*

*Families must enroll in our auto-pay system and abide by Acting Studio policies regarding tuition.

Days: F (Frisco)
Time: 1pm – 3:15pm


  • Includes Friday Afternoon Arts only
  • Monthly: $125.00*

*Families must enroll in our auto-pay system and abide by Acting Studio policies regarding tuition.

Admission Requirements

Admission is by interview only, with applicants reviewed on a case-by-case basis. All applicants must be between 5-12 years old.


Kim Daniels

Kim has taught Montessori to school-aged children for 20 years. In addition, she has homeschooled her own children—all five of them, who are wonderfully different!—for the past three years.

Kim believes strongly that children all have unique learning styles and academic needs, and that they consistently thrive when given the opportunity to explore their individual interests in a supportive environment. “When we meet children where they are, and encourage them to reach their full potential through their natural curiosity, we create a learning environment that creates success,” she explains. “I think our hands-on, experience- and project-based model will help children become excited about learning, while enabling them to follow their passion for the arts.”

Erica Peterman

In addition to founding and directing operations at the Acting Studio, Erica has been homeschooling her daughter since 2015. Like many families, Erica and her husband felt it was best to explore different educational options for their child, even though they’d had an extremely successful experience in public school.

The decision to homeschool blended well with the Acting Studio’s philosophy that every student is on their own journey, and that every child should be treated with respect and kindness. “At the Studio, we expect excellence, not perfection. We encourage curiosity, creativity and courage,” says Erica. “My personal philosophy, as a teacher and as a parent, is that every child can and will succeed in an environment where they are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes, where they know that they are loved and respected, and where they belong—no matter what. The Acting Studio Homeschool Arts Academy was created to give students who have a love for theatre the opportunity to integrate that passion with their education. I believe deeper learning occurs when one is passionate and curious about the subject at hand.”

For Erica’s professional resume, please click here.

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