Musical Theatre Tap II
Class level: Intermediate
Class duration: 1 hour
Prerequisites: Musical Theatre Tap I
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Offered for ages: 10-15 / 10-18 / 12-18
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Cost: $83.50/month

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Students must have taken at least one year of Tap previously and receive a teacher’s recommendation for this class. Dancers will be digging deeper into rhythms, core tap steps and skills, the diction of the feet, and the sharpness of the intricate steps.

Life Skill: BE SPECIFIC!

  • Pay attention to detail
  • Practice discipline, goal-setting, & follow-through
  • Listen to your body
  • Think & move outside the box
  • Gain healthy perspective on competition
  • Build self-confidence & healthy self-expectations
  • Grow courage to take bigger risks
  • Strengthen focus & commitment
  • Find the fun in hard work
  • Practice respect for self & others
  • Use good manners