Master Class Series
Class level: Intermediate
Class duration: 1.5 hours (monthly)
Offered for ages: 10-18
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Cost: $90/month

Before you register:

Having been in the business for 25 years, Shane Peterman brings just about every angle of insight to his master class series, be it as a performer, director, producer and facilitator. In each class, Mr. Shane will focus on various aspects of the technique and approach each individual performer must begin to develop to bring an entire package to your audition and your work. Leveraging industry secrets along with skills, tools, exercises, mock auditions and interviews, this class will be imperative to the seasoned and veteran young professional.

Mr. Shane will hold the Master Class weekly, rotating between all Studio locations. Each location will have 10 90-minute sessions per academic calendar year. Please note that the cost of this series is fixed and applied outside of any package price you may be receiving.

We will provide more detail on discussion topics and a calendar of rotation soon.


  • Build discipline & focus
  • Be accountable for your work
  • Develop courage
  • Practice responsibility & preparation
  • Practice respect for self & others
  • Use good manners