Broadway Dance Call
Class level: Introductory
Class duration: 1 hour
Prerequisites: None
Offered for ages: 10-18 / 12-18
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Cost: $83.50/month

Before you register:

This exciting “mock audition” class begins with a brief warm-up and dives into a weekly routine full of original Broadway choreography and background. These audition combinations will explore stylization, movement history, and the technique of picking up combos quickly with full-out energy and finding your own STAND OUT factor!

Life Skill: BE FULL OUT!

  • Have courage to take bigger risks
  • Be flexible & adaptable to change
  • Develop self-awareness & self-worth
  • Gain confidence in what you bring to the audition
  • Build a healthy competition mindset
  • Dare greatly & overcome fear of the unknown
  • Practice respect for self & others
  • Use good manners