Alumni Spotlight: Anna Jacobi

What are you doing now/will you be doing for the Studio in the coming months?

I’m one of the West Side Story directors, so that’s incredibly fun! It’s so exciting (and nerve-wracking) being on the other side of the creative process, but I can’t wait to see the vision that the production team has come to life with so many talented students to tell it.

What’s the most high-impact lesson you learned being a Studio student, and how is it helping you in your life today?

I think the biggest lesson that I learned inside the green walls is to be yourself and trust in your abilities as a performer. It took me a long time to realize that I was my own worst competition and critic, so I think that through classes and Triple Threat and shows I learned to just let myself be who I am, and that as long as I am being my most authentic self, then I shouldn’t worry about comparing myself to others or forcing myself to be someone I am not.

How does it feel to be working at the Studio now, as opposed to being a student?

I love working at the Studio! I learned so much about the business, technique, and performing as a student at the Acting Studio, and now I get to learn even more as a director and teacher. The green walls are the best place for growth in every aspect of life. I’m excited to continue to learn about the craft, even though I’m the one teaching the tendus. 😉

Most memorable Studio class/show experience?

I only get one favorite Studio moment? I think I would have to say the entire Les Miserables process because so many of my best friends were in that show and there was this indescribable energy during those performances that just blew me away. The story is so beautiful in it of itself but then to get to tell it with the people who are most special to you? Nothing can beat that.

Any post-Studio advice for current students?

The Studio prepares you so much for the real world and the business in ways you probably haven’t even realized yet. I promise you there will be a time in your professional career where you have an “ah-hah!” moment and you realize that all those classes, tours, productions, and life skills led you to that experience.

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  1. It’s so great having Anna back at the studio as an instructor and director! The kids in West Side Story are so excited to have you as part of the duo guiding the ship!!!

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